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Are You a Good Candidate for Debt Settlement?


Debt settlement is a debt relief option that is available to consumers who have problems paying off their debt. In most instances, the individual has racked up a large amount of debt, along with high interest rates and associated fees. When there is no foreseeable way to be able to pay back what is owed, debt relief services are a must as they could help relieve the burden created by a seemingly never ending debt cycle.


Any individual who owes over $5000 in unsecured debt is probably considered a good candidate for debt settlement. Debt settlement, or settling debts for less than 
is actually owed, is a good alternative to filing for bankruptcy, which can have an adverse effect on one's financial reputation and should be used only as 
a last resort option.

When you are constantly receiving harassing calls from collection agencies, it is no doubt a frustrating situation that can leave you feeling hopeless. Researching 
various debt settlement law firms and companies that could help you settle your debt is a must before jumping into anything. You should make sure to find a 
company or firm that is reputable and that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau so that you know they are legitimate. It is necessary to realize that 
some of these companies are nonprofit but will charge a fee.

Settling your debt in this manner is an excellent way to relieve a dire financial situation. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it is not for everyone. Prior to settling on any particular company to help with your situation, you should determine whether your financial situation is appropriate for the services they offer. If your salary is high enough, you may have a foreseeable way to pay back the debt you owe in its entirety in monthly installments.

Once you have found the right settlement law firm or company for settling your debt, you can receive a consultation and discuss your financial dilemma with a 
debt help lawyer or financial counselor. You should bring all paperwork relevant relating to your debt and present it to the professional with whom you meet. Those consumers who who up at the initial consultation with organized paperwork and a desire to do whatever it will take to pay off their unsecured debt are better candidates for debt settlement success.

Essentially, debt relief begins when a counselor drafts a DMP or debt management plan. The lawyer or settlement professional will speak with 
your creditors and debt collectors and may get your interest and other fees reduced or even eliminated altogether. Creditors are often willing to overlook interest and fees associated with debt simply because they want to be repaid. In many instances, the debt you owe is also made lower if you are physically unable to pay off the full amount.

Once an agreement has been reached on the debt management plan, the consumer is responsible for either paying a single lump sum amount, or paying reduced monthly payments over a set time period.

Another quality of a good debt settlement candidate is persistence, or a willingness to stick to the recommended plan to pay off the debt which brings about a great deal of order to what may have been viewed as "debt chaos" previously.

A debt settlement lawyer uses the protections found in state and federal consumer laws and extensive experience in consumer law in the credit and debt industries to offer a wide variety of affordable debt help solutions and other consumer financial legal problems. Those with insurmountable debt should consult an attorney to see if a debt settlement is a viable option for them. For more info visit



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